About Us

Brillaré began with a love of shoes; Nothing completes an outfit like the perfect pair of shoes. As time went on, we started to learn more and more about footwear. Who made the best? How are they made? How to take care of them? This took us on a long journey of learning about leathers, tanning processes, and cobblers.

Like so many people, we started our love affair with Allen Edmonds, then Alden. From there we learned to appreciated the English. Crockett & Jones, Edward Green, John Lobb, and others. We cut our chops on Menswear blogs like PTO, Dieworkwear, and Styleforum.

Wearing our beloved shoes was a mark of pride. We became attached to what we wore, and wanted to take care of our goods. We were known for always having a mirror shine.

Naturally, we wanted to take care of them the best way that we could. We sourced products from all over the world and tried everything. Glen Karen, Boot Black, Kiwi, Angelus, etc.

We found that time and time again, Saphir products gave us the best results in the least amount of time. Especially their premium Medaille d'Or (gold medal) line.

Our problem was sourcing them. We were either burdened with slow or expensive shipping to Canada, and/or hit with large import fees. We had trouble getting what we needed.

This is where Brillaré began. We were polishing our own shoes, as well as our friends and co-workers.

We loved putting a high gloss shine on a black cap toe and checking our reflection to mark a job well done. This is where the name “Brillaré” came from: Its Italian for “shine.” Pronounced "bril·là·re." An ode to our love of shoes as well as some of our Italian heritage.

We went right to the source, France, and became an official Saphir reseller. We looked to solve the problems that we faced. Canada’s beautiful yet harsh landscape was being under-served. Dated websites, poor service, incomplete information abound.

People want a modern and easy approach. Brillaré carries best shoe care products, geared towards Canadians, and servicing the world over. Made for the people who take pride in how they look. For those, who like us, believe that “patina trumps pristine.” That sustainability means wearing (and loving) what you already own. That your shoes tell a story.

We went from polishing our own shoes in our basement to helping people with our knowledge. We carry Saphir’s most popular and effective products. From Reno'mat to Renovateur.

We offer hand done polishing and cleaning services. From routine maintenance to presidential shines. We offer low cost, or free, Canadian shipping (!). We’re available to answer questions about what products to use and when.

At Brillaré, we strive to be the resource that we wanted years ago when we first started. A place for knowledge, customer service, product, and passion. We want to expand our scope as time goes on, offering more products and services for both Canadians as well as international customers.

We look forward to being of service.

Shine on.