Collection: Suede & Nubuck

Saphir Medaille d'Or offers everything you need to keep your suede shoes and boots looking their best. Wear suede confidently.

Saphir's Nubuck and Suede eraser and their Suede shampoo (Omni Nettoyant) for cleaning. Renovating spray hydrates and recolours your suede; one of the only spray moisturizers!

Saphir's famous Invulner spray provides a hydrophobic layer on top of your suede to protect them against water and dirt. The perfect way to finish off a freshly cleaned pair of shoes. Or to keep new shoes looking new longer!

Lastly, Saphir's Suede Crepe brush helps brush out dirt, distribute sprays more evenly, and restore the nap (the hairs) of your suede. A must have for suede care.