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Great shampoo. Disappointing brush

Shampoo did a great job of cleaning and treating stained suede shoes. However, the provided brush already suffered water damage. It is cracked after single use.

Given the intended use of the brush (with liquid) would it make sense to apply varnish to waterproof it?

Saphir Medaille d'Or 1925 Super Invulner Universal Protectant Spray

Superb shoe care product

This was my first use of Saphir Pommadier Cream Polish and I both surprised and pleased with the result. The cream goes on easily and smoothly and it's obvious that it is being absorbed by the leather. It buffs up to a nice "hard" surface.

Happy with the product!

I bought expensive leather shoes and was terrified to treat them and have any marks or change of color to the shoes. This spray was fantastic, works well. Even coating and no drip marks or color change. Would buy again.

Delivered to 3rd party on time

Purchased products to be sent to friend. Arrived there on day and time announced.


I was pleased how quickly my order arrived! Prompt and accurate service with a quality product is hard to beat. I will certainly shop again, thank you!


I have used the product for years and think it’s the best.

Excellent service and products

Purchased my Saphir products at Brillare the products are excellent and the staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. I will definitely shop there again and I will continue to use the Saphir products

Saphir Shine Brush - Small & Large

Saphir Medaille d'Or 1925 Pommadier Cream Polish

Works great

All the products I bought from Brillare work great and he was super helpful! 10/10 would recommend

Quality product

I’m retired from the Armed Forces and have done plenty of mirror shines on dress shoes in 27 years of service. This product is far superior to Kiwi or other ordinary shining products. Better results. Less effort. It’s practically like cheating…..;)

Pro Tools for Footwear

My order of Saphir Cream Polish in Parisian Brown was the perfect choice for my Chelsea boots. They have a hand burnished finish with plenty of variation and complexity in hues. Parisian Brown accentuates the OEM finish with a more nuanced depth of shades that pleases me.

Saphir Cedar Shoe Trees
Jean-Francois Bertrand
A+ product and service

The shoe trees are great quality, nice cedar, smooth mechanics. Delivery on schedule and product in pristine condition.

Great service

I buy from then because of the amazing service and quality of the products.

Beautiful shoe care products

I cannot recommend proper, well made shoe care products more highly. I have used the Saphir products and they are beautiful to use and give a wonderul finish to your shoes and other leather goods. Well worth the investment for good quality shoes.

Awesome mirror shine

Awesome, and durable, mirror shine. Love it.

Saphir Medaille d'Or 1925 Mirror Gloss Paste Wax Polish

Great Product - Great Service

Swift delivery and order management with a personal touch. Saphir products are excellent quality and very well priced by Brillare. Thanks team, will stock up again!

Saphir Medaille d'Or 1925 Super Invulner Universal Protectant Spray

So far so good

Thankfully I haven’t had a chance to test this with any spills on my new suede jacket, but the application process was great: no change in colour to the suede or residual smell.

Very high quality product!

I'm completely satisfied with the two mirror gloss colors I purchased. I am using the Navy blue on the toe of my black shoes to give them dimension and what appears to be a deeper black. I emulsify this with Pate De Luxe wax from Saphir. I use the dark brown on my lighter brown shoe toes to give them a clean burnished look. Thank you Brillaire for the advice and customer service!

Best in the industry

Great products, if you are a shoe lover, definitely get there.

My experience

The renovating creme was a pleasure to use, as it's effect began almost immediately. In fact, if I didnt have the finishing polish, I could have stopped there, and probably buffed that to the shine I wanted. I will have no reservations in ordering more as needed, and to recommend your product line to all who may be interested
Paul Watson