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Shoe Trees For Sneakers

We wrote extensively on the merits of shoe trees in the past. We spoke about how our cedar wood Saphir shoe trees are essential for any leather shoe. They help minimize creasing, reduce odours, and increase the lifespan of your shoes.

We're back to talk about shoes trees again. This time, a "sneaker tree". They're equally as important for shoe care. Regardless of what you choose, all shoes should have some type of shoe tree in them.

Sneakers used to be an afterthought for many years. Most people had a pair of trainers they'd wear to the gym. Maybe a pair of Converse All-Stars or some Jordan's.

In the last decade we've seen the sneaker market really take off. Sneakers are a growing and important element of fashion. Sneakers are better made than ever. There are more style options than ever. They are their own category of shoe. Rightfully so.

If you're going to be investing in sneakers for your wardrobe, you want to keep them looking great. Without proper care, new shoes can look like old shoes fast. No one wants that.

In the same way that a pair of cedar wood shoe trees work magic for a pair of leather shoes, a shoe tree is essential for sneakers.


Adidas Yeezy 500 in grey being shown with a pair of Saphir Cedar wood shoe trees inserted


If you want to use the cedar wood shoe trees in your sneakers, you can. You will get all of the benefits listed in that article. Cedar isn't only for Allen Edmonds!

That said, some people want a more lightweight or inexpensive option for their sneakers.

That is why we stock plastic shoe trees. These are a durable, lightweight alternative to wooden shoe trees. These are our sneaker shoe trees, so to speak.

A shoe tree is important for three main reasons.

1) To adsorb excess moisture, thus reducing or preventing odours

2) To minimize creasing by filling out the toe box and shoe upper when not in use.

3) To help keep the shoe shape while cleaning your footwear.

Only a wooden shoe tree (any wood, not only a cedar shoe tree, even if cedar is the most popular) can help with # 1. The cedar elements are doing the absorbing. (Cedar also smells great, that is why you see so many cedar shoe trees around.)

Since sneakers have a lot less leather in them than dress shoes, #1 often isn't as essential. Most well made dress shoes are almost exclusively leather inside and out. Many sneakers use a combination of materials and have far less leather.

A plastic shoe tree will work wonderfully for #2 and #3. Keeping the shape of your shoe.


Brillaré black plastic lightweight full shoe tree for sneakers or dress shoes


Filling out the toe box and keeping the shoe's original shape will make them look new longer. It will minimize the amount of creases the develop. When used in combination with our crease protectors, you're getting the best of both worlds. Your footwear is protected when you're wearing them and when you're not.

While a shoe tree will help a lot with prevention. It's also great for maintenance.

When your shoes get dirty, which they will, you'll want to clean them.

Thoroughly cleaning your shoes involves brushing them and wiping them. If you're unfamiliar with the process we wrote an article about how to clean sneakers. Check it out.

If you are, you know you'll be scrubbing and brushing. Working the leather or the knit upper to get it nice and clean again.

Cleaning your shoes without a shoe tree inside will cause you to "crush" them a little bit. They'll get wrinkled and lose some of their original shape. A shoe tree ensures the shoes shape is kept. It provides structure. It makes cleaning much easier.

Sneakers are an investment. If you've got a pair of Yeezy's or Nikes, you want to take care of them. You want them to look great as long as possible. Shoe trees are essential for doing that.


Close up of brillaré grey plastic spring loaded shoe trees for sneakers


Our plastic shoe trees are adjustable in size. We offer something for every common shoe size. Also, being able to adjust the size between different shoes can be convenient. We all know that every size 9 doesn't fit the exact same.

We recommend a pair of shoe trees for every pair of footwear you have. They should be inside your shoes whenever your feet aren't.


Close up of Brillaré black plastic adjustable shoe trees to show size adjustment for sneakers

Lastly, our plastic shoe trees provide a great lightweight alternative to our wood trees for travel. If you only have dress shoes and cedar shoe trees, we recommend a couple of pairs of these for when you're on the road. The weight savings in substantial. They'll help keep the shape of your smooth leather or suede shoes or boots.

Everything we wrote above applies to both shoes and boots. There isn't a real difference in how shoe trees work for shoes vs boots. A boot tree is a bit taller. We don't find they provide a notable benefit for boots.

We also provide sizing for both a mens shoe and a ladies shoe. Our trees will fit most.

So regardless of what you and your shoes need, we have you covered. 

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