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Saphir Cedar Shoe Trees

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Saphir's robust shoe trees are made from cedar and cut into a versatile shape. Spring loaded in both width and length to ensure a perfect fit. They also come sized.
Cut in one whole piece from the bi-colour section of the cedar tree, renowned for its absorbing and deodorizing properties.
These shoe trees will help adsorb excess moisture, reduce creasing, and reduce odours. Holes are found throughout to increase circulation and decrease weight.

Please note that these shoe trees fit large. If you have a narrow shoe/foot, or are in between sizes, we recommend sizing down. 
You can find out more about shoe trees on our blog here.
- Sold in pairs. Price is for the pair. Each pair includes one right and one left.

Suitable Uses

Suitable for use in all footwear.

- Shoes, boots, sneakers, loafers

How To Use

How To Use Shoe Trees

(You can find out more about shoe trees on our blog here.)

Insert shoe trees into shoes between uses. Shoe trees should be in your shoes whenever your feet aren't.

Please note that trees are sized and also come in left and right. Ensure appropriate shoe tree is inserted.

If in between sizes we recommend sizing down.

Additional Information

- You can find out more about shoe trees on our blog here.

- Fits full for snug fit. If in between sizes we recommend sizing down


- Size and weight vary on size

- Made in France

- Cedar Wood

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Francois Metlej
Great product

Fit perfectly!

Gorgeous Shoe Trees

These shoes trees look and smell amazing. Wider and fill out shoes more than typical ones you find in stores. I will note that one of them in the heel it appears they glued pieces of wood together and smoothed it over. They work but would expect more from Saphir because of the brand and the price paid - all the other shoe trees were a solid piece of wood and not pieces glued together. The expandable piece in the toes, all were smooth but one was a bit clicky. Overall, satisfied.

Lanson Chow
Best shoe trees you can buy

The other brands that you find on Amazon or in retail stores do not fill the shoe up enough. These Saphir cedar trees have more bulk in the vamp and the heel which fills up the shoes very nicely. They are high quality and worth every penny.