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Brillare Premium Foam Insoles

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These foam inserts are perfect if you're looking for more comfort. 

A soft and cushioned insole, these are modelled after Adidas' boost insoles.

About 1 cm thick at the heel tapering down towards the toes, these insoles provide maximum cushion and comfort for your footwear. Wonderful for sneakers or for dress shoes.

Note that if you're using these in dress shoes, they are thicker than our leather insoles and will add more volume.

Available in two sizes, medium and large. They are meant to be cut down to size so that you can get your fit just right. The bottom side of the toe has marked lines denoting where to cut for which size. 

Medium can accommodate sizes 35-40

Large can accommodate sizes 40-44

Suitable Uses

Suitable for use on inside all shoes, boots, and sneakers. Foam padding provides extra comfort.

How To Use

Insert appropriately sized foam insole in your shoe. If necessary, remove current insole to make room for new one.

Additional Information

Thicker than our leather insoles, these provide more comfort. They also will take up more room inside your shoe and might be too thick for certain dress shoes.


- Medium can accommodate sizes 35-40

- Large can accommodate sizes 40-44

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