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Grey Spring Loaded Shoe Trees

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Want your shoes to look newer longer? To minimize creasing? Maintain shoe shape while cleaning?

Shoe care and shoe trees aren't only for dress shoes.

Shoe trees for sneakers are essential as well. Using them will help your shoes keep their shape as well as making cleaning easier. If you're looking to avoid creases, couple them with our Crease Protectors.

These lightweight plastic shoe trees are perfect for sneakers. Also great for leather shoes when travelling. These are much lighter than a wooden shoe tree.

Our grey spring loaded trees are extra light, have a soft rounded shape, will work for many different sizes.

Men's shoe size 6-13

Ladies' shoe size 7-14

They'll fill out the toe box of your footwear to minimize the creasing. They'll support the original shape of the sneaker while you're cleaning them too!

One of the must have shoe accessories. A must for any care routine.

We recommend a pair of shoe trees for every shoe. They should be in your footwear whenever your feet aren't. The right shoe tree makes a big difference.

Made in Italy

Suitable Uses

Suitable for use on most sneakers dress shoes, and boots. Light weight makes them great for travel.

How To Use

How To Use Shoe Trees

(You can find out more about shoe trees on our blog here.)

Insert shoe trees into shoes between uses. Shoe trees should be in your shoes whenever your feet aren't.

Additional Information

- Lightweight durable plastic

- Adjustable length

- Sold in pairs. Price is for the pair. Each pair includes one right and one left.


Varying depending on adjustment. Suitable size range noted in listing.

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