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Saphir Beauté Du Cuir Brass Suede Brush

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Saphir Beauté Du Cuir Brass Suede Brush is a great tool for cleaning suede shoes.

Similar to a crepe brush, this brass suede brush is specifically made to clean suede shoes. The stiff interior brass bristles help remove stains on suede and nubuck shoes. The solid wooden handle makes for a sturdy brush. The exterior bristles are made from horsehair. No neap nylon bristles here.

The bristles help remove dirt, restore the nap (the texture), and give your shoes a refresh. A good brush is a cornerstone of suede care.

For daily maintenance we recommend our Crepe Brush as it is more gentle.

Suede shoes with excess dirt can benefit from the Brass brush. Coupled with our Foam Cleaner or Suede Shampoo, you can remove a stubborn stain, scuff marks, and more.

This brass brush also works great when used with our suede eraser. The suede eraser is better for spots, light stains, and smaller marks on suede leather.

Suitable on all types of suede footwear. Suede sneakers, suede boots, and suede dress shoes.

If you want to learn more, you can read our Suede Cleaning Brush article.

Suitable Uses

Suitable for all suede & nubuck items

- Can be used on any suede or nubuck shoes or sneakers.

- Can also be used on suede or nubuck belts, bags, & accessories

How To Use

Drag brush back and forth over surface of the suede. Apply light pressure while doing so. Do not use heavy pressure. Brush will not glide, there will be resistance. This is normal.

Lighter pressure is recommended on nubuck items.

For spots with marks or light stains we recommend using a circular motion to your brushing.

For suede items, this will help restore the nap of the suede. It can also help remove dirt and anything stuck in suede.

Additional Information

- If you're looking for more information on the suede brushes, see our detailed blog post about them here.


- Exterior horsehair bristles and interior brass bristles
- For Cleaning Suede & Nubuck
- Solid Wood handle
- Made in France

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