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Saphir Medaille d'Or Cleanser

Saphir Medaille d'Or Cleanser

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Saphir's Cleanser is a wonderful cleanser for more regular cleaning of smooth leather.


It is a more gentle formula that is suited for more frequent use. Made with bees wax, lanolin, and Montan wax, it is safe for all smooth leathers. A great product for you regular maintenance routine.


This cleanser cleans away dirt while opening the pores of the leather for the hydrating lanolin in this product. As well as other products you use one top!


We recommend using this product for light to medium cleaning. We recommend Saphir's Reno'Mat if you're doing a more deep clean. We only recommend using Reno'Mat a few times a year.


-Saphir's most gentle cleaning formula

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Beautiful shoe care products

I cannot recommend proper, well made shoe care products more highly. I have used the Saphir products and they are beautiful to use and give a wonderul finish to your shoes and other leather goods. Well worth the investment for good quality shoes.

Rod Hampson
Great Product

Cleaned up some dirty shoes and boots. After a shine they look like new.

Logan Kroeker
Gentle but effective

I bought this product after being recommend it by the owner of the store who saw my Allen edmonds and noticed that the polish was cracked and white creases were apparent. This cleaner removed the cracked polish without removing the black finish and I was able to polish the shoes after with great success. 100% recommend if your polishing for the first time as a mess up can be easy fixed! Ask the owner for help as he is passionate about what he does