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Saphir Medaille d'Or 1925 Pommadier Cream Polish

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Saphir's pommadier cream shoe polish is a cut above ordinary polishes and is essential for shoe care.

Saphir Pommadier cream is a shoe cream suitable for all fine leather shoes and smooth leather goods. It provides leather nourishment and buffs to a great shine.

It's made with natural ingredients and 7 different waxes. It has shea butter oil for nourishing leather. It also has Carnauba wax and beeswax to give this cream polish the abililty to shine leather goods.

The added pigment brings colour back into shoes, boots, and leather accessories. Lastly, it contains premium turpentine to bring everything together as well as impart a wonderful smell to the cream.

Made without silicone or resin, you can nourish your shoes, add colour, and avoid harmful additives.

Suitable for use on any smooth leather. Smooth leather shoes, boots, jackets, wallets, and other smooth leather accessories.

This cream is not suitable for textured leathers such as suede or nubuck.

Suitable Uses

Suitable for all smooth leathers.

- Smooth Calfskin

- Cordovan (though we recommend Saphir Cordovan Cream)

- Leather hand bags, briefcases, wallets, belts, accessories

How To Use

How To Use Saphir Pommadier

Step 1: Insert shoe trees if you are working on leather footwear.

Step 2: Clean leather with a cloth or chamois and/or horse hair brush before using.

Step 3: Apply cream evenly to leather product with cloth, chamois, or applicator brush.

Step 4: Wait 5 minutes for polish to dry.

Step 5: Brush vigorously with horse hair brush to distribute and activate the polish.

Additional Information

You can read our detailed Saphir Pommadier blog post here.

If you're unsure of which colour to choose, you can read our blog post about selecting colours here.


- Made in France, 75ml jar

- Available in 19 colours including neutral

- If you need more information read our detailed post on Pommadier Cream here

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Customer Reviews

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Dean Miller
Fast shipping

My new Saphir products were well packaged and at my door within only a few days. I suspect you guys are probably the best Canadian resource for Saphir. Many thanks and I will be ordering again.

Sean Cloutier
Excellent Service

Placed an order and everything arrived on time and exactly as expected. Could not ask for more. Plus the tracking procedure was simple. Was emailed the tracking number and given email updates. I would order again without hesitation!

Steve Willet
The best

All Shapir products are the best. They are my go to products