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Saphir Medaille d'Or 1925 Wood Small Dauber Applicator Horse Hair Brush 3.5"

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This small size dauber is perfect for applying polish or cleaning in the smaller areas of your shoes. Around the welt and around the laces and tongue especially.


This size easily fits into all of the Saphir polish jars and allows you to get the polish onto your shoes.

Suitable Uses

Suitable for all shoes, sneakers, and leather items.

-Can be used on any smooth leather goods

-Suitable for applying polishes, creams, and lotions

-Can also be used on suede & nubuck

How To Use

If using to apply product:

Put a small amount of cream product on the applicator brush hairs as evenly as possible. Brush head should fit inside any of the Saphir jars.

Using light pressure, work the cream product into your leather item using circular motions. Try and apply an even coat.

If product become built up on brush after many uses, wash your brush. Use shampoo or Saphir's Omni' Nettoyant.

We recommend using different applicator brushes for different colours of polish.

Do not use brush for regular brushing after you've used it for applying product.

If using for brushing:

Move brush back and forth over surface of the leather. Apply light pressure while doing so. For stronger action increase speed, not pressure.

Use broad strokes while working. Friction created from brushing motion warms up leather and distributes any product that you're using. This helps with buffing, shining, and cleaning.

For suede items, this will help restore the nap of the suede. It can also help remove dirt and anything stuck in suede. For a suede specific brush, see our Saphir Crepe brush.


- Made in France

- Horse hair bristles

- Varying size and dimensions depending on your brush choice

Additional Information

- If you're looking for more information on the importance of brushing, see our detailed beginner's guide to shoe care.

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