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Saphir Medaille d'Or 1925 Super Invulner Universal Protectant Spray

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Super Invulner Spray is a highly-concentrated water repellent containing fluoridated resin.


It protects against rain, snow, dirt, grease, food and drink stains. Formulated without silicone, it contains a non-aggressive and non-greasy solvent to avoid damaging or discolouring fragile surfaces. It is suitable for use on the most expensive and delicate materials such as nappa and silk.

Super Invulner Spray can be used on all types of leather and leather goods, including smooth leather, nappa, box calf (calf skin), veal, suede and nubuck. It is also suitable for cotton, fabric, silk, tex material, or any textile. We primarily use it for footwear, however this stain protector spray can be used on anything. Wonderful for leather jackets and handbags!


For optimal protection, treat your shoe, boot, or other items regularly. Re-apply after exposure to the elements.

This waterproofing spray offers superior protection compared to related products given it's slow drying silicone free formula.


Suitable Uses

Suitable for all shoes and textiles.

- Smooth leather of all kinds including calfskin and cordovan

- Suede & nubuck

- Sneakers of all kinds including leather, knit, and mixed media.

- Hand bags, jackets, textiles, ties, accessories.

How To Use

How To Use Saphir Super Invulner

Step 1: Carefully brush the item to remove dirt and dust. If necessary, clean it before with the appropriate other Saphir products, such as the Cleanser.

Step 2: Shake the can of Super Invulner before use.

Step 3: Hold the can 20 cm away from the item and spray in a well-ventilated area. Apply an even coat. Do not saturate the item.

Step 4: Leave to dry for 30 minutes. We recommend overnight.

Additional Information

-Read our detailed post about Saphir Invulner here.


-Made in France, 186g

-Neutral colour spray

-Read our detailed post about Saphir Invulner here

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Allison Yu

Saphir Medaille d'Or 1925 Super Invulner Universal Protectant Spray

Dale I
Excellent choice for protection

The spray works as intended and doesn't discolor the surface/material that you use it on. As a spray, it's easy to apply and dries quickly. No complaints, will be happy to use it in the future!

Curtis Baht
A Great product

My order from Brillare was filled and shipped promptly. I recently bought a couple of pairs of good boots and really like Saphir products. I trust their quality on my expensive leather goods. Thanks Curt