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Saphir Leather Insole

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Saphir Beauté Du Cuir insoles are perfect for replacing your tired and old insoles.

These are made from black, full grain, sheepskin uppers. Made with a chrome-free vegetable tanning process, they have a soft and supple feel. They're both flexible and durable.

The bottoms are made with latex foam infused with activated carbon. The latex prevents the insole from moving around after you've inserted them.

The leather upper and the charcoal infusion also help absorb excess moisture. These combine to give you great breathability and odour elimination.

The sleek black colour doesn't show dirt easily, which keeps the insides of your shoes looking better longer.

Use these as a top tier replacement to your tired insoles. Or add these to shoes that are a hint too large to fill in some extra space.

-Sold in pairs. One left and one right insole per package

Suitable Uses

Suitable for use on inside all shoes, boots, and sneakers

How To Use

Insert appropriately sized leather insole in your shoe. If necessary, remove current insole to make room for new one.

Additional Information

- Full Grain Sheepskin leather upper

- Activated Charcoal infused Latex bottoms prevent slippage

- Available in multiple sizes

- Sold in pairs. One left and one right insole per package


- Size varies based on selection

- Made in EU

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