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Saphir Medaille d'Or Mink Oil

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Saphir Medaille d'or mink oil is a deep leather conditioner suitable for all types of smooth leather items. Great for leather boots and leather shoes.

Using a conditioner on leather helps prevent the breakdown and cracking that you see on dry leather goods. Mink oil improves the appearance and increases the lifespan of leather. This is essential for shoe care and leather conditioning.

High quality mink oil is usually reserved for skin care products due to the price. Many companies advertise mink oil and instead substitute in neatsfoot oil to cut costs. While they are related products, they are not the same.

Saphir uses a blend of pure mink oil. This makes it wonderful for leather care. The fatty acids of this natural oil allow for deep penetration into the leather. The oils hydrate your shoe and make this a powerful product.

Mink oil is best suited for smooth leather, not suede. It can be used on any smooth leather shoe.

It is also suitable for leather work boots, baseball gloves, or a leather jacket. Perfect for Red Wing Boots, Doc Martins, and other hard wearing rugged oiled leather boots.

Saphir recommends applying mink oil frequently in small amounts. As opposed to infrequently in heavy quantities. In other words, use a small amount often not a big amount once in a while.

Note that since mink oil is such a strong conditioner it may darken some leathers. We recommend testing in an inconspicuous spot first.

Suitable Uses

Suitable for all smooth leathers. Not recommended for delicate leathers such as nappa or goatskin.

How To Use

How To Use Saphir Mink Oil

Step 1: Use A Leather Cleaner To Clean Dirty Leather

Mink oil works best if used on a clean shoe. You should not have salt stains or excess dirt before starting. We recommend cleaning your shoes with one of our featured products for cleaning such as Foam Cleaner or Leather Cleanser to remove any stain. (or your preferred leather soap)

Step 2: Remove laces and Brush shoes

Remove the laces from your shoes or boots. Brush your shoes one last time to ensure they are clean and free of dust and dirt. Use a horse hair brush.

Step 3: Apply Mink Oil In Thin Coat

Using a soft cloth, apply mink oil sparingly. Use small circular motions and apply evenly to entire shoe.

Step 4: Wait 1 hour

Allow the mink oil to sit for one hour to penetrate into the leather.

Step 5: Buff To A Shine

Using a polishing mitt or horse hair brush, buff your shoes to a healthy glow. Brushing helps your shoes look better, helps distribute the polish, and the warm helps it work into the pores of the leather.

They're now hydrated and should be looking great. Repeat application frequently to ensure shoes are always moisturized.

Additional Information

- As with all true mink oil product, this is contains animal byproduct.


- Made in France, 75ml

- Neutral Colour

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