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Saphir Medaille d'Or 1925 Nappa Cream

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This cream is designed to provide nourishment to fine leathers. It's delicate formula penetrates leather to hydrate, all without effecting the finish or appearance. This is great to use on special or more delicate leathers.


Specifically designed for Nappa Leather, this product contains wheat proteins and Jojoba oil, which are commonly found in use in cosmetics. The delicate nature of this cream makes it suitable for all leather types. It is made more delicate than Saphir's other lotions because it is one of the few made without any cleaning component.


If you are working with any delicate leather this is what we recommend (things such as Nappa, Peccary, Carpincho, deerk skin, goat skin etc.). We also recommend this product if you are working on shoes with a Crust finish. 

Suitable Uses

Specially formulated to work on delicate leathers. Nappa, deerskin, goat, Peccary, and more. That said, this is suitable for all smooth leathers of any kind. Including calfskin and cordovan.

- Smooth leather shoes, boots, bags, belts, accessories

- Delicate leather accessories such as wallets, gloves, jackets, and more.

How To Use

How To Use Saphir Nappa Leather Balm

Step 1: Insert shoe trees if you are working on leather footwear.

Step 2: Clean leather with a cloth or chamois and/or horse hair brush before using. If shoes are very dirty we recommend Saphir Cleanser.

Step 3: Apply cream evenly to leather product with cloth, chamois, or applicator brush. Use thin coats and work in a circular motion.

Step 4: Wait 3 minutes for cream to absorb into leather.

Step 5: Brush vigorously with horse hair brush to distribute and activate the cream.

Additional Information

- Jojoba oil and wheat protein based


- Made in France, 75ml

- Neutral Colour

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Customer Reviews

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A little goes a long way

A great light conditioner. I make wallets and other leather products and this works so nice on a freshly made piece, I can be confident everything leaves properly conditioned with no waxy residue or unwanted changed is the color. As well I did not notice any darkening on my RedWing Moc Toe rough and tough leather