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Saphir Medaille d'Or "Renomat" Leather Cleaner

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Saphir Medaille d'Or Leather Cleaner is a robust and deep cleaner designed for smooth leather.


The Medaille d'Or version of their popular Reno'Mat cleaner, this is product is meant for deep cleaning. Formulated to the highest strength Saphir offers. This is for heavy stains, removing old wax and polish, and taking the leather back to it's original state.


A wonderful product for shoe restoration or for shoes that have been heavily soiled.


Given the strength of this formula we only recommend using this sparingly. A few times a year.


If you are looking for more regular cleaning we recommend you use Saphir Cleanser instead.


Note, the contents of this bottle routinely separate when left alone. It is normal to have part of it white and part of it clear. Shake before use to mix ingredients thoroughly. 


Suitable Uses

Suitable for use on all high quality smooth leathers. Including calfskin and cordovan.

- Great for shoes, boots, and sneakers

- Can be used to clean leather wallets, belts, bags, and accessories as well

How To Use

How To Use Saphir Renomat

Step 1: Wipe or Brush shoes to remove any excess dirt.

Step 2: Apply to shoe using a soft cotton cloth or chamois. Work in small circles around the shoe. Apply medium to firm pressure. Spend extra time on areas that have heavy wax build up or stains. This is usually the tox box or heel. Apply more Reno'Mat as needed.

Step 3: Remove any excess Reno'Mat that might be on leather by wiping with a clean damp cloth, or rinsing shoes under cool water.

Step 4: Allow shoes time to dry. Once dry, brush with a horse hair brush.

Step 5: We highly recommend following up any Reno'Mat application with an application of a conditioner such as Leather Lotion or Nappa Cream. This will put much needed nutrients back into the leather.

Additional Information

There is a Beauté du cuir version of Reno'Mat as well as a Medaille d'Or version.


- Made in France, 100ml

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