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Saphir Medaille d'Or 1925 Mirror Gloss Paste Wax Polish

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Saphir Medaille d'Or outshines the competition yet again with their Mirror Gloss wax polish. With a higher concentration of wax than standard paste waxes, Saphir Mirror Gloss allows its user to achieve an incredibly high shine.

For the those who know that a mirror toe can be the difference between "alright" and "awesome."

Saphir Mirror Gloss is a unique wax polish in the realm of shoe care. It is loaded with glossy wax, much more than ordinary polishes. It uses hard waxes such as Montan wax, Carnauba wax, and Beeswax. Like Saphir Pate De Luxe, it also contains Turpentine Spirit to help bring everything together. (As well as smell amazing!)

Unlike Pate De luxe wax, it is much harder. Saphir Pate De luxe uses more soft waxes. Saphir Mirror Gloss polish was specially designed for quick results on smooth leather.

Mirror Gloss Wax polish was designed to achieve a mirror shine on your shoes. It was not designed for leather care. If you are looking for hydration you'll need Saphir Pommadier cream polish or their Leather Lotion.

Suitable Uses

Suitable for all hard smooth leathers.

- Smooth Calfskin

- Cordovan

- Hard leather surfaces you're looking to add a shine to.

How To Use

How To Use Saphir Mirror Gloss

0. Mirror Gloss is a finishing wax, also known as a glazing wax. That means it needs to be applied at the very end of your leather shoe care routine. If you're using a cream shoe polish on your leather shoes, do that first.

Also note that while Saphir Pommadier shoe cream can be used all over your shoe, Mirror Gloss can only be used on the hard shoe surfaces. Essentially the toe and the heel. Do not use this wax where your shoe bends/crease or the wax will break on your first wear.

1. Apply a thin layer of shoe wax to your heel and/or toe of your shoe. For the first layer of wax you can use your bare fingers. As you continue, you will want to use a cotton cloth or a high shine chamois. The smooth surface of the cloth will help with a smooth application to your shoe. Ensure the cloth is tightly wrapped around your first two fingers.

2. The wax will go on hazy. In a small circular motion, work the wax into the shoe. Add small amounts of water to help the wax go on. Repeat this circular motion until the wax starts to go from hazy to clear. That is one layer. You don't need much wax at all. 

3. Repeat Step 2 over and over until you achieve the level of shine that you're looking for. If you're used to working with Saphir Pate De Luxe this will take more water since it is a harder wax.

Additional Information

- 100ml tin, made in France

- If you're choosing between Pate De Luxe and Mirror Gloss you can read our blog post comparing the two here.

To summarize quickly, we think they are best used in tandem with each other and suggest both if you are looking to get a mirror shine.


- Made in France, 50ml tin (unless you select 100ml option)

- Available in 12 colours including neutral.

- If you'd like more information please read our detailed post on Pate De Luxe.

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Customer Reviews

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Eugenio Cordeiro

Saphir Medaille d'Or 1925 Mirror Gloss Paste Wax Polish

Shane Walker
Great quality. Arrived faster than expected

I’m a new Saphir user and love the product. I was pleasantly surprised that my shipment arrived sooner than expected. The handwritten note was a nice addition. Thanks!

Steve Willet
Excellent customer service

Saphir products are the best. Prices on the website are way lower than other companies including Amazon. Highly recommend dealing with them.

saphir products

Saphir are high quality . Will not be disappointed...very expensive