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Magic Brick

Magic Brick

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Our "Magic Brick" is the perfect shoe care companion. It's suede eraser, nubuck cleaner, scuff remover, and more. Made from a dense crepe style rubber, it does almost everything.

In short, it cleans suede and nubuck, as well as rubber or foam soles and sole edges. Deep, stubborn stains are lifted from almost everything we've tried it on. 

Use this as a suede eraser to clean suede. Clean suede shoes, suede boots, suede sneakers, suede bags, or even a suede jacket. It also works on nubuck.

The brick is different than a suede brush. Brushes flick dirt from your shoe to try and remove stains. The brick uses friction to work stains out of the suede or nubuck nap/hair. This works extremely well for tough stains, especially a dry stain. 

It works for general dirt and debris, regular suede maintance and cleaning. A must have if you enjoy suede footwear, or have any suede leather.

To use, simply rub the brick back and forth over the scuff mark, stain, or otherwise affected area. No need to use water or any cleaner with it. A great first step to loosen dirt before deep cleaning. (Suede cleaner can be used after or before the brick, however the brick works best when dry).

The brick is different than a suede eraser. Suede erasers are chalky and leave behind some debris. This brick doesn't. It's firm and holds its shape. Due to this, they last a long time as well. 

Lastly, the brick is not only limited to suede leather! It works for many elements of shoe care. 

The brick will help lift dirt and stains from sneaker sole edges too. It works on rubber soles, as well as foam soles. 

This brick is truly a must have. It handles many elements of shoe care. It makes the perfect companion to your suede brush.

Now available in two sizes: Regular and XL. 



To use the suede brick, simply rub the brick over the affected area. Back and forth with light to medium pressure for any suede item.

When cleaning rubber soles and sole edges, you can apply heavy pressure if needed. 

The brick works due to the friction it creates, so it works best when dry. Do not mix with water, vinegar, or suede cleaner/nubuck cleaner when using on suede items. Cleaners can be used before or after the brick, simply wait until the suede is dry to work on it again. 

Spend extra time working on any stubborn stain. Sole edges can also take extra time. 

Lastly, we always recommend a suede protector (or nubuck protector) as the final step in cleaning any suede item.

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