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Mirror Shine Kit

Mirror Shine Kit

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**Note: Please select your desired colour for your Pate de Luxe and Mirror Gloss.


This kit is intended for someone looking to achieve a mirror finish on their shoes.


If you want your dress shoes to stand out at the office or at your next event this will help you do just that.


Saphir's Pate De Luxe is wonderfully pigmented and concentrated to give you a wonderful layer of shine. Apply with small concentric circles until you have an even and shiny coat.


Saphir's Mirror Gloss has a bit less pigment but even more wax to achieve an even deeper level of shine.


We find using both in conjunction achieves the best results. Our recommendation is starting with a strong base layer with the Mirror Gloss. This harder formulation forms the perfect base layer. The slightly softer Pate De Luxe on top finishes things off and allows you to achieve the coveted mirror heel and toe.


**Please select colour choices for both the Pate De Luxe and Mirror Gloss


 Our Mirror Shine Kit includes one (1) each of the following:

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